Thursday, June 2, 2011

Amazing song about Tahltan First Nations Sacred Headwaters Campaign

Rachelle Van Zanten - My Country (Official Video) from Taylor F. on Vimeo.

Rachelle van Zanten is a fantastic Canadian singer/songwriter who recently wrote a song for the Tahltan First Nation's campaign to protect the Sacred Headwaters of the Nass, Skeena and Stikine Rivers in BC. Check out this emotional and fantastic music video by Taylor F.

Through some geographic serendipity, these three rivers are all born in the same watershed, a place of wild beauty and untouched terrain. The watershed is also home to Caribou, Wild Salmon, and many other less famous but equally important species.

So it is concerning, to say the least, that Royal Dutch Shell is planning to drill over 1000 Coalbed methane wells into the this watershed, potentially causing damaging effects to this ecosystem stretching from the headwaters to the Pacific ocean. The potential ecosystem-level damage of this project has had little voice. Recently, though, it got one. The female elders of the Tahltan First Nation conducted a peaceful protest to stop initial drilling of Klappan Mountain by Fortune Minerals, and most of the elders were arrested. The second voice, was Rachelle.

Click here for more information on the campaign, and check out this teaser for a great film called Awakening the Skeena.

What better way to celebrate world oceans day than to listen to music about water and protecting our sacred province!

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